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Chicago on the move Czechs in the New World Hot Jazz
George Nepras, the Syncopator, lives a hard life in Chicago as the son of blue collar Czech immigrants. In that life, dreams wander little further than the tedium of a factory floor, but George discovers music. On a long walk, as if in a dream, George happens on the speakeasies of Chicago's south side. The jazz of King Oliver spills out onto the street and draws George inside. In an instant, his life changes direction. George struggles to balance the limitations of his insular ethnic neighborhood with wild syncopated jazz rhythms. He befriends jazz greats like Bix Beiderbecke, but the flu pandemic, The Great Depression, world war, racial violence, and labor unrest seem to conspire to defeat his dreams. George struggles against it all with courage and a spirit in which he desires to bequeath his life's lessons to the next generation of musicians. MORE>

Bohemian Food – Footnotes 18-20

Chicago on the move Czechs in the New World Hot Jazz
My novel, The Chicago Syncopator, is filled with Czech food specialties.  Footnotes 18-20 detail not only different kinds of “Bohemian” bakery goods but also the way the Czech neighborhoods in Chicago began to modify the meanings of food names or … Continue reading

Cultural Myths

Sid Meyer Jazz Band
Nations, cultures, cities, families, and people all create myths about themselves often to protect a collective psyche or an individual’s fragile ego from an uncomfortable truth. How else can violence and tribal hatred be explained except to cover it up … Continue reading